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New products? New gas detection solutions? Check out our latest case studies

DALEMANS and MSA join forces to strengthen their expertise in gas detection

For almost 40 years, DALEMANS creates and produces innovative gas detection solutions, both for the tertiary and industrial sectors.

European performance certification for DALEMANS

The DALEMANS detection system, consisting of a U·V6 alarm control unit and a D·420 detector, has recently been certified in compliance with the European standard EN 50545-1. This applies to devices for detecting and/or measuring toxic gases in car parks and tunnels.

Security, a priority for DALEMANS!

DALEMANS has always been responsive to security aspects. Within the company, on construction sites or when technicians are travelling to sites.

Alternative Mobility and Micromobility Animation at DALEMANS

Last October, DALEMANS won the 3rd prize in the Corporate Mobility Challenge organized by the Walloon Union of Enterprises.

DALEMANS has developed a new high-definition variant of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) detectors

The Brussels-Capital Region has issued a new decree regarding the detection of NO2 in underground car parks.

DALEMANS launches a new H2 detector, specifically for hydrogen

As more and more countries commit to the energy transition and climate neutrality, a European strategy is being developed around hydrogen.

The DALEMANS website has been completely revamped!

The construction work and the move to our brand-new building have now been completed. To mark the occasion, DALEMANS has redesigned and updated its website.

Biodiversity in the spotlight at DALEMANS!

All the exterior features and green areas of the new DALEMANS building have been laid out by XWood, a company that has the “Natagora nature network” label.

The new U•C2 control unit from DALEMANS is available!

The U.Line has a little brother called U•C2 which is available and in stock.