The new U•C2 control unit from DALEMANS is available!

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The new U•C2 control unit from DALEMANS is available!

The U.Line has a little brother called U•C2 which is available and in stock.

Identified by its blue marking, the U•C2 has been designed for refrigeration applications. The U•C2 comes with a MODBUS TCP interface and can monitor, in particular, the presence of toxic and explosive gases such as freon, propane (C₃H₈), carbon dioxide (CO₂), and ammonia (NH₃). 

The  U•C2 can be used in conjunction with the D•420 and D•TEX detectors.

Fitted with 4 programmable relays, the U•C2 is easy to install and operate.

✅ Cuts off the power supply to the refrigerated unit.

✅ Activates the alarm, flashing light and other warning systems.

✅ Sends signals to the centralised management system. 

The optimised technological features of the U•C2, together with its attractive and smart design, guarantee appropriate protection.

The U•C2 control unit is sold at an attractive price.

Interested? Contact a member of our sales team: or call +32 19 33 99 43.