DALEMANS technicians test electric scooters during interventions

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DALEMANS technicians test electric scooters during interventions

In October 2023, DALEMANS won the 3rd prize in the Business Mobility Week of the Walloon Business Union.

Continuing this challenge, they have teamed up with Kameo Bikes to provide, for two months, electric scooters to its 4 technicians working in Brussels. Equipped with a functional backpack, including the necessary tools, they can carry out calibration work. If the idea can make us smile, it has several advantages.

Moving around on an electric scooter firstly allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions” explains Patrick Belloli - Teamleader Field Service. This also represents a considerable time saving for technicians who no longer have to look for a parking space to park their vehicle. “Moreover, the scooter is very useful for moving around large sites, as well as during checks in parking lots, where the control unit is sometimes very far from the detectors.” If the test is successful, it could be extended to other regions.

Dalemans - techniciens en trotinette