Integration of two new gas detection systems in production

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BIOWANZE, a company in the Province of Liege, is active in the field of biofuel production. A long-standing customer for more than fifteen years, DALEMANS has already supplied equipment for eight gas detection systems and has been providing maintenance for eleven complete systems since 2009.

In 2021, BIOWANZE planned to build a new biomass steam boiler and a pellet silo. The DALEMANS Lab & Industry team was contacted to assist them in gas detection for equipping the new buildings.

We visited the premises that were under construction,” explains François Spadazzi - Sales Engineer at DALEMANS, “but we also worked from the plans, in order to carry out a needs analysis and a workflow study of the future production building”. On this basis, the Lab & Industry team was able to precisely calculate the number of gas detection systems required to protect the workers and the building. A comprehensive recommendation was then drawn up keeping in mind the types of gas to be detected, in this case methane and carbon dioxide, with a selection of the types of detectors and central units that were the most suitable to meet the latest environmental conditions and standards. “Over the next few months, we will supervise the work of the electricians in terms of the positioning of the equipment together with the types of cables to be used,” continues François Spadazzi. As soon as the work has been completed, DALEMANS will carry out all the checks necessary for commissioning. The team will then provide you with an “as built” file and a fully tailored maintenance plan.