Installation of seven gas detection control units

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Within UGent, the technical hall of the Chemical Technology Laboratory (CTL), hosts around 100 researchers actively involved in a variety of research areas, such as the steam cracking of hydrocarbons, or the fast pyrolysis of biomass and plastics.

The LCT continuously develops and integrates various experimental facilities for current and future industrial applications. UGent called on DALEMANS for the installation of the gas detection control units.

Different tests are carried out in each of the laboratories,” explained François Spadazzi - Sales Engineer at DALEMANS. “In each one we fitted detectors, for gases including HC, CO2, H2S, NO2, SO2, CO, oxygen, depending on the application of each machine.” Additional explosive gas detectors were placed at various points in the hall. Seven control units were also fitted inside the building. “As a rule, the control units are placed on the outside of the room to be protected. This means that if an alarm is activated, the gas concentration can be checked without putting anyone in danger.”

In this particular case, a large 19” cabinet has been positioned in a technical area on the outside of the area to be protected. The cabinet contains two synoptic panels with a floor plan of the hall that showed each zone and detector with their different alarms. This means that when an alarm goes off, there is no need for anyone to go into the hall. These synoptics make it possible to calculate the concentration of the gas and to remotely reset the detectors in alarm or default mode. “We presented several solutions to the UGent project managers”, added François Spadazzi. “We were very flexible. We did not impose our solutions on them but respected their specifications. Everything was tailor-made to meet their needs; synoptics, turret operation and remote calibration of the detectors.” As soon as the work was completed, DALEMANS carried out all the necessary checks for activating the system.