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Commissioning, inspection and calibration of new gas leak detection systems

DALEMANS manages all that is necessary for the safety and testing of new systems for both the tertiary and industrial sectors.

The after-sales service department and its teams of technicians handle the commissioning and calibration of any gas detection system.

Check list for a system


Checking they are correctly positioned
Checking wiring, especially the type and length of cables
Checking connections
Checking and/or adjusting pressure
Adjusting point zero, if necessary using a certified neutral gas
Adjustment of sensitivity using a certified standard gas

Power supply

Checking and/or setting the main and emergency supply modes


Checking the switchover of default and alarm relays

LEDs and internal acoustic signal

Checking activation


Checking the relationship between an event (default or alarm) and the connected  peripheral

Controlled devices

Checking activation (solenoid gas valve cut-off, activation of acoustic and light signals, fire report, switchboard cut-off, ventilation activation, etc.)

Configuring the system

Checking and/modifying, in particular, alarm settings

Faulty parts

Eventual replacement after a quote has been accepted


Placing a calendar sticker on the control panel


Submission of an inspection report for “as built” or insurance files

The company continually trains its technicians

Thanks to a tried and tested planning method, DALEMANS guarantees to carry out repairs within a very short time.