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Proposed maintenance plan for responsible and conservative risk management

The goal of maintenance is to ensure that the equipment, control units, detectors and accessories of a gas detection installation remain operational in the long term. It also allows for the responsible and conservative management of the risks of asphyxiation, intoxication or even explosion.

DALEMANS takes care of the maintenance of gas detection systems of different brands, whether for HVAC systems or for laboratories or industries.

Check list for a system


Adjusting point zero, if necessary using a certified neutral gas
Adjusting sensitivity using a certified standard gas

Power supply

Checking and/or setting the main and emergency supply modes


Checking the switchover of default and alarm relays

LEDs and internal acoustic signal

Checking activation

Controlled Devices

Checking activation (solenoid gas valve cut-off, activation of acoustic and light signals, fire report, switchboard cut-off, ventilation activation, etc.)

Faulty parts

Eventual replacement after acceptance of a quote or sending of a purchase order


Placing a calendar sticker on the control panel


Submission of an inspection report for “as built” or insurance files

A contract for everyone

DALEMANS offers several types of maintenance contracts.