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U•V6 control unit for Toxic and Explosive Gases


Manufacturer Ref. : U•V6


The U•V6 six-channel toxic / explosive gas detection control unit monitors the concentration of CO / NO₂ / CNG / LPG / O₂ / CO₂ gases in car parks and laboratories. Read more

The U•V6 control unit for Toxic and Explosive Gases monitors concentrations of carbon monoxide CO or nitrogen dioxide NO₂, CNG, LPG, chlorine Cl₂, oxygen O₂, carbon dioxide CO₂, ozone O₃, sulphur dioxide SO₂, ammonia NH₃, hydrogen fluoride HF, methane CH₄, propane C₃H₈, and butane C₄H₁₀ (this list is not exhaustive).

The U•V6 control unit is intended to be used within commercial or light industrial buildings such as underground car parks, chemical laboratories, school laboratories etc.
The U•V6 provides active ventilation regulation with 6 detection input points and up to 4 independently adjustable alarm thresholds per input point. The U•V6 has 5 programmable gas alarm relays as well as 1 failsafe relay. When used in conjunction with the D•420 or D•TEX 420 detectors, the U•V6 manages other ranges of accessories and controlled devices.

When the programmed alarm thresholds are reached, the U•V6 control unit has the choice of acting on one or more connected security devices, such as:

  • ventilation system control (air blowers or extractors),
  • activation of an alarm,
  • activation of luminous warning panels,
  • turning on a flashing light,
  • sending a control signal to a centralised technical management system (CTMS), …

The U•V6 control unit comes with a password protected service menu.
The device housing is IP65 (dust and waterproof) and ABS-PC UL 94 V-0: flame retardant. It is designed to be permanently mounted on a wall surface or on a DIN TS35 rail with a mounting fixing.

The U•V6 comes with a three-year warranty on all new installations.

  • Number of measurement channels :
  • Number of alarm relays :
  • Connectivity :
  • Protection class :
  • Power supply scope :
  • Minimum operating temperature :
  • Maximum operating temperature :

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