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European expert in gas detection solutions for industry and laboratories

DALEMANS has mastered the entire value chain of gas detection, from R&D to maintenance. On this solid basis, DALEMANS has positioned itself as a partner for the creation, development and integration of customised gas detection solutions.

DALEMANS operates within the context of
  • Integration of new systems
  • Replacement of existing systems
  • Extension of existing systems
Customised solutions
  • Needs analysis
  • Workflow study
  • Identification of toxic and/or explosive gases
  • Leak risk analysis
  • Analysis of gas detection environment conditions
  • Creation of solutions that perfectly meet demand
  • Selection of the best products
  • Supervision of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Check and commissioning
  • Creation of an "as built" file and a maintenance plan
Types of gas

DALEMANS also offers solutions for your specific requirements such as ATEX or SIL certified products.

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DALEMANS offers customised commissioning and maintenance packages

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