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Gas detection for boiler rooms, aero thermal heaters and co-generation

Types of gas detected: H₂ - CH₄ - C₃H₈ - C₄H₁₀

DALEMANS systems are designed to detect hydrogen, methane, propane and butane gas. DALEMANS solutions offer double protection with an alarm being set off at 20% LEL and an automatic closure of the gas solenoid valve programmed at 40% LEL.

Position of the detectors

The position of the detector is adapted according to the density of the gas. For the detection of hydrogen and methane, the detector will be placed on the ceiling, while for butane and propane, the detectors will be placed on the floor.

Commissioning and maintenance

Directly or through your fitter, DALEMANS carries out the commissioning and maintenance of your gas detection system.

List of services

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DALEMANS offers customised commissioning and maintenance packages

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Control units Heating


U•H1 control unit for Explosive Gases


U•H6 control unit for Explosive Gases

Detectors Heating


D•TEX 3F+ Explosive Gas detector


D•TEX 420 Explosive Gas Detector

Heating accessories

Batterie-UH6 (2)

Battery for control unit - 12V


Battery kit for control unit - 1x12AH


Buzzer for control unit


Combined alarm and flashing light for control unit


Emergency stop switch for control unit 24 VDC - 230 VAC


Flashing light for control unit


Gas collecting cone for D.Line detector

Gas accessories

Gas solenoid valves

Manual gas valves

Thermal protection valves

Gas meters



Pressure gauges

External gas boxes

Decision makers

Download the complete specifications for gas detection solutions for heating systems.