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DALEMANS, European expert in gas detection solutions since 1985

DALEMANS is a European company that designs and products gas detection systems for the HVAC sector for public buildings. The company also creates innovative solutions for industries and laboratories.

From R&D to maintenance!

Thanks to its expertise and know-how, DALEMANS has mastered all the links in the value chain of gas detection. DALEMANS designs and manufactures gas detection products, carries out technical studies and performs start-up and maintenance.

From the heart of Europe, DALEMANS designs complete customised solutions for large laboratories and industrial production sites for the food, chemical, metallurgical, agricultural, brewery, hospital and energy sectors, as well as for battery charging, community kitchens, printing plants and water treatment companies. The company has positioned itself as an integrator in the deployment and maintenance of these systems.

DALEMANS is the partner of choice of many specialised technical offices, heating companies, security companies, HVAC, engineering departments, central purchasing offices, industrial technical departments, public authorities, banks, shops, buildings managing agents, inspection bodies, insurance companies, fire brigades and design offices.

DALEMANS innovates, designs and produces gas detection systems

For more than 35 years DALEMANS has produced tens of thousands of gas detectors and control units that have protected families, businesses, buildings, cities, universities, hospitals, airports and railway stations, etc., all over Europe. All this has been possible thanks to the tenacity, imagination and dedication of the men and women who work every day towards a single goal: To protect you!

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